comprehensive COVID-19 sanitation services

We offer specialized cleaning and disinfection services designed to mitigate the spread of the virus and ensure a safer workspace for all.

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RNA Facilities Management is at the forefront of efforts to minimize the risk of COVID-19 exposure. Our specialized COVID-19 sanitation services, including our innovative electrostatic fogging, are designed to offer both reassurance and safety to your staff and patrons.

Secure Building Preparation

Our professionals are outfitted with the necessary protective gear to ensure safe and effective disinfection.

Secure Building Preparation

We prioritize safety by securing your building before commencing sanitation.

Flexible Service Options

You can request one-time or recurring fogging services according to your needs.

Secure your peace of mind and workplace safety today with our comprehensive COVID-19 sanitation services.

electric fogging for Covid-19

Advanced Cleaning Methods for Maximum Protection

Combatting COVID-19 requires innovative cleaning solutions. We use electrostatic fogging to ensure the best results. This process entails the use of specialized equipment to apply a mist containing electrically charged droplets that adhere more easily to various surfaces. The fog can reach out-of-the-way areas, ensuring a more thorough disinfection process. 

The advantages of implementing electrostatic fogging include:

  • Time savings: We can sanitize a wide area in a short period.
  • Effectiveness: The chemicals used in the process are proven effective at controlling COVID-19, HIV, influenza and other viruses.
  • Comprehensive cleaning: Fogging can access hard-to-reach areas more efficiently than conventional spraying.
  • A cost-effective procedure: This process can reduce the cost of COVID-19 sanitization.
  • Excellent coverage: Electrostatic spraying can be the best choice for covering walls and floors requiring a uniform disinfectant application.

tailor-made janitorial solutions

We recognize that no two facilities are alike and that each industry must manage unique cleaning challenges. We can tailor our COVID sanitation services to provide the best results for a broad range of sectors:


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