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Your building's exterior is the opening act for what's inside, and a well-maintained landscape sets the tone for a great experience. With RNA's top-tier landscaping services, you can ensure your premises impress at first glance, all year round.

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Elevate your business's curb appeal and reflect your professional standards with our specialized commercial lawn care services.

Landscape Maintenance

Preserve the health and beauty of your businesses outdoor spaces with our comprehensive landscape maintenance solutions.


Optimize water usage and ensure your plants thrive with our efficient and effective irrigation systems.Trust our reliable service

Our Commercial Landscaping Services

The outside of your business is a reflection of what’s within, so take care of your commercial property’s exterior. At RNA Facilities Management, we offer a wide range of commercial landscaping services for any corporate setting. We customize our commercial landscaping service packages to ensure your property looks its best. Our commercial landscape maintenance services include:

  • Lawn maintenance: Keep a tidy lawn with professional mowing and edging. 
  • Irrigation: Install watering systems that cultivate lush grass and vibrant vegetation.
  • Tree and shrub care: Manage leaves, limbs and buds for an orderly appearance. 
  • Garden bed maintenance: Grow and maintain stunning flower arrangements. 
  • Weed and pest control: Preserve your garden and lawn.
  • Hardscape maintenance: Care for walkways, patios, fences and other outdoor hardscaping features. 
  • Winter services: Prepare for winter weather and remove snow before visitors arrive. 
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Benefits of Corporate Landscaping 

From making a good first impression to ensuring everyday safety, our corporate landscaping services will benefit your business in numerous ways: 

  • Professionalism: Express your attention to detail and commitment to organization. 
  • Curb appeal: Impress new and prospective clients with an appearance that catches the eye. 
  • Property value: Maintain the property to preserve and grow its value. 
  • Work environment: Cultivate an environment that motivates employees to perform. 
  • Expenses: Save on in-house landscaping while preventing costly overgrowth. 
  • Safety: Protect employees and guests by clearing paths throughout the year. 

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RNA Facilities Management is here to help you put your best foot forward. Partner with us for commercial landscaping maintenance services to make the right first impression every time. We’ll tailor your services and schedule to your needs, so contact us online to request a free consultation and discuss corporate landscaping possibilities. 

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Since 1991, we have developed our own methodology of cleaning that goes above and beyond our client’s expectations. A holistic approach to facility cleaning and maintenance that provides health benefits and satisfaction to making the facility and community a better place. We do this by only using environmentally-friendly ingredients. If you are seeking assurances that your facility is provided the appropriate disinfection, feel free to contact one of our trained experts at your convenience. Our staff will provide you with a detailed overview of current cleaning and disinfecting paradigms, as well as how our services can be tailored to suit the particular needs of your facility.

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