RNA Quality Standard​

Our Commitment to Excellence

Since 1991, we have been redefining what it means to be clean with our ‘RNA Quality Standard.’ This unique approach combines efficient and effective cleaning methods that we have honed over three decades, always striving to surpass our client’s expectations. You can expect meticulous attention to detail, advanced cleaning techniques, and a commitment to creating a healthier, safer environment with every service we provide. The ‘RNA Quality Standard’ isn’t just a benchmark—it’s our promise to you.


As a member of the U.S. Green Building Association, RNA takes a holistic approach to cleaning and maintaining facilities. Green cleaning provides numerous health benefits and satisfaction in making the facility and community of business a safe and better place to be in. We do this by only using environmentally-friendly ingredients and chemicals. Our products are non-toxic to human and animals, less likely to cause prolonged and short-term health problems and illnesses, and helps protect the environment.

Consider Your Health & Wellness

RNA Janitorial has sought the consultation of experts in the field of disease control in response to the increased rate of illness from various viruses in the United States. Because of the evolving challenges in the world, RNA devised a disinfecting system to help limit the spread of COVID-19, Swine Flu and other various viruses to help make your businesses and communities a safer place.

If you are seeking assurances that your facility is provided the appropriate disinfection, feel free to contact our trained experts. Our staff will provide you with a detailed overview of current cleaning and disinfecting paradigms, as well as how our services can be tailored to suit your facility’s needs.